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Rafi Auto Repair - Full Service Auto Repair

     Among motorists fairly widely believed that the only reason for treatment in the car wash can be a car crash. However, the competent preventive maintenance and planned replacement parts can prevent more serious damage.
    Of course, replace the oil or filter can be independently, but the motorist is not usually familiar with many nuances and characteristics of automotive technology, and therefore can produce work poorly (not on purpose, not because he has "hands are not from that place grow," but simply due to the lack of necessary knowledge and skills), which can lead to breakdowns and accidents, loss of money, health and even life.
   What and when you need to check in your car
   Technical service responsible avtomobileyNaibolee place machines are well known, so the replacement of many parts made in advance - before the wear reaches a critical point. Remember that although these items can work out a little longer, but their state is already "on the edge" in any, the most inopportune moment they can be damaged. Here are the main components that require regular inspection and replacement (dates are approximate, specify them in the documentation for your model of car):
- fuel filter protects the motor from foreign particles that may be present in the fuel, replacement of life - every 1.5-2 years;
- engine oil protects fast-moving engine parts; changes with the accumulation of soot in it and breakaway solids, replacing the term - through 15 thousand kilometers;
simultaneously with oil usually changes and oil filter;
- change as the tire tread wear, depending on the intensity of the drive - every 3-10 years;
- Timing belt - one of the most critical parts of the motor, its failure leads to costly repairs; changes strictly according to the instructions of the car (depending on the brand - from 50 000 to 120 000 kilometers);
- transmission fluid changes or every 3-4 years, or 50 000-80 000 kilometers;
- brake pads - their status depends on the stopping distance; checked every few months, changed after 20 000-50 000 kilometers.